Wednesday, January 18, 2006


it's astounding, really. what the internet can do. cybertendrils reaching out and connecting people all over the planet, instantaneously. it's my belief that technology (telephone, television, telecommunication...) is a metaphor for the expression of an inner human (universal?) urge to link up, overarching tendency toward if the universe's goal is to become one giant glowing, humming organism. and the internet helps us get a sense of that feeling.

but ultimately, i think these crazymysterious convoluted organs in our heads could do it (and better...) without the external hardware. we just haven't quite figured out how yet. there are still some pieces of the puzzle missing.

been gathering clues for quite some time now. atlantis, ayhuasca, the beatles, beethoven, cusco peru, the desert, the incas, the mayan calendar, the ocean, orange doughnuts, the pyramids, quantum physics, tibet, the year 2012. to name a few.

as a result of all the press the sonic fabric's been getting, i've had the opportunity to connect with people from argentina, england, india, brazil. yesterday i met jean poole, in australia.