Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sonic fabric at cannes

from dazeddigital.com:

DD: How did the idea for the suit come about?
Pierre André Senizergues: "With my role as executive producer, I knew I couldn’t walk down the red carpet at the premiere of The 11th Hour at the Cannes Film Festival in a tuxedo that wasn’t environmentally friendly. When I found this amazing material that had audiotape weaved into the fabric to give it a glossy finish, I thought it would make the perfect tuxedo for this occasion. It was an existing fabric that no one was using. I found a tailor in Koreatown in Los Angeles who made tuxedos for Brad Pitt and we lined the inside of the tuxedo with recycled Etnies t-shirts."

no one was using it? merci, mais au contraire...