Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the sonic fabric of galicia

dear friends, i've recently returned from galicia – northwest coastal spain – where i presented a series of sound art workshops and collaborated with musicians, sound artists, and designers on a special edition of sonic fabric. it was truly an honor to have been invited by julio goméz of sinsalaudio and the cidade da cultura to create this edition recorded with 60 tracks of sound, music, and spoken word from this unique and sublimely beautiful part of the world.

during the 10 years that this project has been evolving, one thing has become amply clear: sonic fabric becomes most alive when it is shared.

in fact, i believe that anytime ideas, inspiration, cultures, technologies meet in a spirit of earnest and mutual respect, generosity, reciprocity, and collaboration, evolution happens. i find improvisational music to be a pure, profound, and immediate expression of precisely this phenomenon. while improvisational music has long been extremely appealing to me, it is a rare and precious treat to find fellow musicians with whom to create it.

i feel extremely grateful that the sonic fabric project has provided opportunities to improvise with those in other parts of the world. the invitation to go to galicia, to experience first hand the galegan language (a close relative of portuguese), to learn about the celtic influence on regional music and culture, to take in the landscape, food, and drink, to share skills and ideas and collaborate with fellow artists, to make new friends, and to quite literally weave these experiences together - this has been a critical and beautiful stage in the evolution of sonic fabric.

so many people contributed to and participated in making this project happen. many thanks to julio goméz and luis campos of sinsalaudio, to the cidade da cultura de galicia in santiago de compostela, to all of the musicians and sound artists who contributed tracks, to fashion design students at the university of vigo adrián rivas, antonio santos, and david del ríothe who transformed the fabric into phenomenal garments inspired by traditional dress, to fellow sound/video artists juan-gil lopez, mauro sanin (aka ariel ninas), horacio dieguez gonzalez, and pablo orza, to usa projects and to every single person who offered enthusiasm and support in any way, shape, or form.

to those who purchased yardage of the soon-to-be-released OM edition (C#, 136.1 Hz) of fabric, i apologize for the delay in getting it to you! fabric will be shipped in mid-january. if you are not on the reserve list and would still like to have a piece of this edition, please don't hesitate to let me know!

there are more images from the sonic fabric adventure in galicia on flickr and facebook, and sounds from the workshops on soundcloud.

feliz ano novo a todos,